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Web Site and Domain Services

Why Have A Web Site?

  • A Web site continues to be one of the least expensive and most effective methods available for making your business or organization known. The initial and ongoing costs of a Web site are much cheaper than most other marketing tools.

  • Unlike any other promotional tools, a Web site is available to nearly everyone in the world, 24/7, 365 days a year.

  • In these Internet and technology-driven days, a Web site is expected for any legitimate and credible business or organization. In fact, NOT having a presence on the Web may actually be detrimental. You look less viable as an entity without a Web site. Also, if people are looking for what you have to offer do not find your Web site (especially at a search engine such as Google), they will move on to your competition.

  • People naturally want to know the who, what, where, and when concerning your business or organization a Web site does all of that. It's a terrific vehicle for informing and attracting potential customers, as well as communicating and maintaining a connection with your existing customers, clients, members, etc. A Web site is a great place to answer frequently asked questions, and provide support and customer service.

  • Think of your Web site as your "home base" of operations. You can have blogs, Facebook pages, and any of the latest social media entites, but it's very important to have a site where folks can go to get good, consitent information about your organziation or business. Would you rather potential customers see yet another Facebook page, or a Web site totally customized to feature and highlight all you have to offer?! (Know, too, that Google ranks Web sites higher than a social media page.) Be sure to link ro your Web site from any social media page, and make sure all of your marketing material displays the Web site's URL (address), so your customers have this "home base" of information to learn detailed information about you.

  • A Web site also provides another avenue for customers to see and purchase your good and services. And for customers that have already been to your store, a Web site allows them a way to acquire your goods when they are not in the area.

  • Unlike printed promotional products, Web sites are easy to update you can change anything at anytime.

  • Check out others in your industry / line of work you'll find most if not all of your competitors are online with a Web site, at the least, and very likely involved with social media sites. It recommended to try to at least keep up with, if not surpass, your competition.

What We Do

  • The Web sites we offer are clean and easy to read and easy to navigate. They load fast and will work well on both new and old computers, Web browsers, and monitors. They are not filled with a lot of clutter, ads, and a million of the latest "flashy" widgets that saves on development time, the cost to create, the ease of updating down the road, and the time for a site to load. These sites are also extremely search engine friendly. And they display well on tablets, as well as newer, larger smartphones. (They can also be easily read on older smartphones with a little bit of zooming).

  • We will help determine what is most suitable for your needs and work with you to develop a site that reflects the requirements and characteristics unique to your organization or business.

  • We will help you create your Web site domain and determine the best domain registration and domain hosting solution.

  • We will help make your Web presence known worldwide using many effective marketing techniques.

  • We offer custom Mobile Web Sites, too.

  • See here for some of the many custom Web sites we've created.

Web Site Coordinator

Organizations creating a Web site usually need a Web Site Coordinator. That person is the one through which all Web site work is sent to us, and through which we can obtain information and approval from the organization regarding the site. Click here for more details.

Customer Tips

Please see these customer tips to help you better understand how our business works and therefore serve you best.

Shopping Cart

By the way, should you be selling products (or services) online, we recommend the PayPal shopping cart system. It is very easy for you to administer, us to implement on your site, and customers love its flexible payment system. There is no monthly change, only a small charge per transaction. Customers can even pay with credit cards even if your organization is not set up to accept them. And no merchant account is required.

Mobile Web Sites

As the World Wide Web becomes a fixture in our daily lives, its use continues to grow. With the arrival of the iPhone and other "smart" phones that can access the Internet, the use of mobile devices to access the Web has grown, as well. In 2009, 33% of Web use came from mobile phones and the like. On 2017, it's said to be closer to 60%. Mobile users are utilizing the Web not only to find and contacting companies and organizations, but increasingly to order products and services direct from their mobile phones. Far-sighted businesses and organizations are responding by creating mobile-optimized Web sites, thus allowing themselves to be found by this growing population of mobile Internet users.

Offering a mobile Web site can:

  • draw in new customers
  • expand your existing business and information to new markets
  • enhance your connection with existing customers
  • assist your staff out in the field
  • improve business and be more easily found by local or foot traffic

We can create a custom mobile Web site for your organization that will work today's Internet-enabled mobile wireless devices, such as tablets, iPhones, and other smartphones. The development time and cost of a mobile Web site is typically a fraction of the cost of a standard site.

Here are a few mobile-optimized sites we've completed. Expect more to be coming soon.

Some of the Many Sites We've Created

Incorporating many different customer requirements, tastes, and styles:

Advanced Tree Removal
Benzie County Michigan
Area Web Site Directory
Benzie County
Road Commission
Benzonia Township
Betsie Bay Kayak
Captured Moments -
Four Season Photography
Colby's Orchard House
D.A.K Builders, Inc.
Fish Hunter Charters
Frankfort Tackle Box
Great Northern Homes
Peggy Hawley Studio
Steve Koppin - Realtor
Lake Township
Lunatic Fringe
Players Productions
Miller's Hide-A-Way Resort
MSU Alumni Club
of Benzie County
Murphy's Law
Charter Service
The Benzie Grand B & B
The Comedy of Crystal Lake
- a book by Dr. Stacy Daniels
Wayfarer Lodgings
Barbara Webb ~ Artist
Windchime Inn

Other Web Sites

Other sites, initially created by someone else, that we have updated or reworked, and which we now maintain:

Benzie County Bar Association
Carl James Freeman
Wildlife Stationery Products
Colfax Township
Crystal Water Works
Duncan Cottages at Watervale
Duperron Designs, Inc.
Homestead Township
Roycraft Watercolors
Sweet Annie's Rose
Wolfe Pack Press

Other Web Site Customers

In addition to the above, over the years we've developed Web sites for many different organizations and companies, as this list shows:

A&W Restaurant
Advanced Hearing Center
Animal Welfare League
Baver Herbs
Bay Port Lodging
BaySide Printing
Benzie Builders & Maintenance
Benzie County Government
(main and mobile sites)
Benzie County Recyclers
Benzie County Sheriff's Office
Benzie Macintosh Users' Group
Benzie Shores District Library
Benzonia Public Library
Betsie Bay Inn
(main and mobile sites)
Betsie Hosick Health Center
Betsie Valley Fitness Club
Betsie Valley Trail
Bihlman Brothers
Big Bob's Up North Outfitters
Blue-Max Builders
Boxsizer Products
Cedar Creek Homes North
City of Frankfort
Coach Camille
Constellation Herbs
Crystal Lake &
   Watershed Association
Crystal Lake Art Center
Crystal Lake Association
Crystal Lake Watershed Fund
Crystalaire Camp
Curtis Insurance Agency
David Thompson
for Judge
Dr. Kitty Veterinarian Services
Dye, Randy - Realtor
Dymaloma Jams & Jellies
Elaine's of Crystal Lake
First Congregational Church
   of Frankfort
Flynn, Jennifer - Artist
Frankfort-Elberta Chamber
Frankfort-Elberta Area Schools
Frankfort-Elberta United
   Methodist Churches
Frankfort Insurance
(main and mobile sites)
Frankfort Internet Users' Group
Frankfort Land Company House
Frankfort Pines
Freeman, Carl - Artist
Gerschick Law
Gerschick Wealth Management
Greenspike Golf Cleats
Handiworks of Beulah
Harbor Lights Resort
Hartman's Tack Shack
Jenkins, Dick - Broker
Jo's Round House Restaurant
Junque and Necessities Shop
Lakes-N-Trails Motel
Lakeshore Title Company
LaRue House B&B
M & R Information Services
Majestic Gallery
Michigan Shores Cooperative
Motorola Internal Training
Nature's Gift Shoppe
Northern Wellness
Pierside Lodgings
Point Betsie Lighthouse
Pumpkin Ed
Rayflex Seating
Regal Seminars
Reitan, Dave - Realtor
Rutgers Marketing
Sail Inn Restaurant
Sensory Sensations
Sleeping Bear Realty
Sleeping Bear Rentals
Stonewall Inn B & B
Summerplace B&B
Tiny Bubbles Charters
The Bear's In B&B
Walton Orchards
Yarwood Family

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