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Organizations creating a Web site usually need a Web Site Coordinator. That person is the one through which all Web site work is sent to me (Web Site Consultant), and through which I can obtain information and approval from the organization regarding the site. Within the organization, all input and updates regarding the Web site are to go through the Coordinator. This makes sure the organization has compiled all various Web site input (such as updates, changes, suggestions), resolved any conflicts involved, and then obtain approved for all changes. The Web Site Coordinator will have the responsibility of seeking input and approval from all necessary parties within an organization as needed, and making sure that decisions needed to be made by the organization are carried out.

Larger organizations have asked for the major responsibilities and qualifications for the Web Site Coordinator position; these are provided below.


  • Manage and direct all activities and traffic for the Web site.
  • Responsible for all content on the site.
  • Responsible for working alongside marketing personnel to drive traffic to the site.
  • Is the communication liaison between different groups or units of an organization, the "governing body" of the organization (such as a Web Site Committee or board of directors), and the Web Site Consultant.
  • Work with the Web Site Committee to choose content for the site (this can include pictures, graphics, articles, blogs, and other written and visual communications).
  • Regularly monitors the Web site for outdated material.
  • Contacts each area of the organization for updates to their portion of the Web site.
  • Confers with Web Site Consultant and the "governing body" of the organization on potential improvements to the Website.
  • Accepts requests for updates and additions from within the organization.
  • Receives Web site suggestions from the public and other external sources.
  • Solicits feedback and suggestions from Web site viewers, the public, and other external sources
  • Compiles all updates, additions, and suggestions, resolves conflicts, Thoroughly reviews all information and puts it in a coherent form and framework consistent with the existing Web site. If necessary, reviews this information with the departments involved. If necessary, presents this information to the governing body for the Web site within the organization. Once approval is obtained, changes to the Web site are passed through the Web Site Coordinator to the Web Site Consultant in a coherent form and in the appropriate format.
  • Makes sure that decisions needed to be made by the organization regarding the Web site are carried out.
  • Accept invoices from the Web Site Consultant, monitors / records any needed Web site billing details, then approves and forwards the invoices on the appropriate party within the organization to be paid.
  • Maintains a Web site task list and makes sure its items are accomplished in a timely manner.
  • Serves on the Web Site Committee (if there is one) within the organization.
  • Promotes Web site through all appropriate means that make sense for the organization and their type of site.
  • Keeps informed of general issues going on within the organization, and how these issues might relate to Web site content.
  • Monitors the organization's other communications efforts, and works to ensure the Web site compliments, strengthens, and amplifies those efforts.
  • Informs the organization about any new issues, requirements, or needs regarding the Web site.
  • Learns the most effective means to provide Web site updates to the Web Consultant to minimize Consultant's time spent.
  • Solicits input from all areas of the organization to maintain every area of the Web site.


  • Working knowledge and understanding of the organization involved.
  • Working knowledge of basic computer applications, including those involving: word processing, spreadsheets, PDF creation, photo and graphic editing.
  • Basic Internet skills and knowledge.
  • Working knowledge of the World Wide Web, basic Web site terminology and Web site usage. Understands the value of external links and link sharing.
  • Well organized.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent time and project management skills.
  • Experience and ability to work harmoniously with a wide range of people.
  • Self motivated; ability to accomplish tasks with minimal instruction.
  • Ability to be objective in all communications regarding, and content going on, the Web site.

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